1. Prepare the TSM (Testing Site Manage)

  2. Create configuration

  3. Prepare the testing devices (chromebooks, PC’s, etc.)

  4. Whitelist the appropriate sites and IP’s.

Prepare the TSM (Testing Site Manage)

NOTE - This process has already been completed on SHS1 (  It should not need to be completed again.


  1. https://www.wida-ams.us, using the Windows PC and a Chrome or Firefox browser, select All Applications–General Information–Technology Downloads, and click on the Testing Site Manager (TSM) Installer download icon ( ) for Windows

  2. Run the setup

  3. Enable Content Caching and enable Response Caching (if possible)

  4. Enable automatic update

  5. Write down the displayed HTTP port number and the HTTPS port number and click Finish.

  6. Open Chrome and go to   http://localhost:8080. It will take a long time for it to display the first time. Check on it later.

  7. Once loaded, enter a name for the TSM.  Then Update Content.

Take note of the Server name and IP.  Will look something like this.

TSM Server Domain: 82b3016e-legacy-prod.drc-centraloffice.com

TSM Server IP:

Create configuration

  1. Login at https://www.drcedirect.com/all/eca-portal-ui/welcome/WIDA

  2. All Applications -> Device Toolkit

  3. Add new Configuration

  4. Name your configuration with the school and year

  5. Check Enable Auto Update

  6. Select a testing program from the drop down

  7. Say Yes for Content Caching

  8. Use the server domain for the Content caching and response caching URL’s.  It will look like the following: https://82b3016e-legacy-prod.drc-centraloffice.com:8443/

  9. Use Content Caching Only

Prepare the testing devices (chromebooks, PC’s, etc.)

  1. Go the WIDA DRC admin home page.

  2. Navigate to All Applications -> Technology Downloads

  3. Choose the download for the platform you will be using.  

  4. Chromebooks are done by putting certain devices into an OU and force installing the app that comes from the download page.  It is run from the App menu on the Chromebook on the login page.

  5. Connect to your TSM and Configuration using the Organization ID which can be find in your Device TOolkit Orginatioantion.

Whitelist the appropriate sites and IP’s.

Whitelist the domain and server IP from before on your network firewall (sonicwall or other)

If anything is still not working, try the system readiness check using access code 7745 and contact support.