1,   If you create an assignment in Schoology with a category of "Progress" and you sync it to PowerTeacher and then decide to change it to "Mastery" the sync process WILL NOT change the category in PowerTeacher.  You must manually change the category in PowerTeacher.  Select the assignment in PowerTeacher and change the category to "Mastery" and check the box "Include in Final Grade" in order for the assignment to count toward the final grade in PowerTeacher.

2.  You cannot have duplicate assignment names.  For future reference, I would suggest a naming schema like 1.1.1 for Quarter 1, week 1, assignment 1, before the assignment name, i.e. 4.1.1 Advice for where Robert should move; 4.1.2 Lesson 1; 4..1.3 Lesson 1 & 2; 4.2.1 Lesson 2 - Partner Sharing; etc.  This schema would also keep them in the correct order in Schoology as well as PowerTeacher so it's easier to find problems.

3.  The assignment names have a maximum of 50 characters.  Anything over 50 characters WILL NOT sync to PowerTeacher.

4.  You should ALWAYS check the sync status log for any errors. When you hover over the "View error" the error message will tell you if you have duplicate assignment names, the title of the assignment has more than 50 characters, etc.