Example:  A student moves from Section 1 to Section 7 of the same course at the end of Quarter 1.  You need to enter the Quarter 1 grade from Section 1 into Section 7 so the student's overall grade will average correctly.

  1.   To obtain the Q1 grade, go to PowerTeacher gradebook (PTg).  Select the section the student was previously enrolled in.
  2.   Make sure the "Reporting Term:" is Q1.
  3. Under "Student Groups", click on "Dropped" and select "Filter Selected".
  4. In PTg select the section the student is currently enrolled in.  Be sure that the "Reporting Term:" is Q1.

  5. In the Q1 Final Grade column, to the right of the student's name,

    right click and select "Show Score Inspector".

    • Check the "Manual Override:" checkbox

    • Enter the percent.

    • Select the Grade (depending on the school, it might be numeric (75,85,97) or it could be a letter grade (A,B,C).

    • Enter a comment (for example: "grade brought forward from Section1").

    • Click close

  6. Go to Schoology.  Select the course where the student is currently enrolled.
  7. Go to "Grade Setup" and be sure that all three boxes under "Adding Grading Columns to Gradebook" are checked.  These settings have to be changed for each course.
  8. In Schoology, select Gradebook and select the Quarter 1 grading period.  You should see a column with Q1 and a yellow pencil icon.  This is the Quarter 1 grading period Override column.

  9. Enter the Q1 percentage for the student (the same one you entered in PTg).

  10. DO NOT ENTER grades in the "OVERALL" column unless you want to override the FINAL course grade.