Managing your Google Drive in an organization our size can be challenging. Finding what you need when you need it can be even harder, especially if it is an item that was shared with you.

Naming Your Documents

  • You should name your documents with two assumptions in mind. One is that at some point it will be shared and two, that someone will need to search for it. Be explicit when naming your document instead of a vague document name like “roster”, use “MES 3rd grade field trip roster Nov 2015”. We often share documents and suggestions across schools and grade levels. Please include both in every title.

Organizing Documents You Create

  • These tend to be the easiest to keep track of.
  1. One strategy is to use folders. Instructions for creating, moving and deleting folders are HERE.
  2. If you have been explicit in how you named your documents, searching for them becomes much more efficient and successful. This is true if you use folders or not.

    Organizing Documents Shared with You

    • These files tend to cause the most problems because there is no way to organize your “Shared With Me” folder. This folder is a running timeline of documents with the most recently shared or edited showing up at the top. There are two ways to organize these files.

    1. If the file is in your “Shared With Me” folder, click once on the file and then click on the “Add to my drive” icon. This will make this file show up in your “My Drive” folder where you will be able to organize it like any file you own. When you do this, you do not become the owner of the file and most importantly, you are not making a copy of the file. This is important if the goal is to have everyone collaborating on the one document.
    2. The second option is to make a copy. You will now have your own copy of the document in your drive that is not shared with anyone. ATTENTION: this is fine if the intention of the owner who shared the document with you is for everyone to have their own copy of the document to work on with NO collaboration.
    Other Strategies

    1. You can “Star” your documents by clicking on the outline of the star to the right of the file name. You can then view your “Starred” files in Drive by clicking on the word “Starred” in the left column in Google Drive. The fewer the starred files the better this strategy works.
    2. You can use a Workflow Management tool like Google Classroom.
    3. Remember, everything in Google is basically its own website. You can bookmark almost anything Google, just like any web page and then manage your bookmarks.

      Where is the File Located?

      • If you have located a file via a search or in the “shared With Me” folder, but you need to know where a file is currently located, you can click once on the file name to select the file and then look at the bottom of the page. There is an indicator that will tell you where the file is located

      Original Google Doc can be found HERE.