If the AirPlay button does not appear, your computer does not show up on the list of AirPlay destinations, or nothing appears on your computer after selecting it from the AirPlay destination list, then your iOS device is not able to communicate with AirServer for one of a few possible reasons.

Step 1 : The first thing you should try is powering off and restarting your iOS device(s), computer(s), and router. 

Step 2 : Make sure your iOS device and computer are on the same network.

Step 3: Download the AirServer Connect app on your iOS device(s). This is a free app, available in the App Store, that will help your iOS devices discover and connect to your computer.

Step 4 : Run all available Windows and iOS updates on your computer. 

Step 5 : Apple has changed the mirroring process, so you may have to scroll your AirPlay list on your iOS device, after tapping the name of the computer, to find the mirroring switch in iOS 8. Toggle that mirroring switch to the ON position.

Step 6 : If you are on a Windows machine, check if Bonjour has been enabled on your computer. To do this, follow these steps:

  • In your Start Menu, right-click Computer and select “Manage”.
  • Expand “Services & Applications”.
  • Open “Services”. (Maximize the window to better see what’s going on.)
  • Select the BonJour Service and try to start it.

Step 7 : You may have to adjust your firewall settings to allow AirServer.exe to receive incoming networking traffic. Also ensure the same is done on any secondary firewalls your computer may have. You can find firewall configuration help for some of the most popular firewall software on our support page: http://support.airserver.com/customer/portal/articles/1465550

Step 8: A possible cause of your connection issue may be that your connection cannot handle the bandwidth required for streaming or mirroring. You can try connecting your computer to the network with an ethernet cable to see if the performance is better.

Step 9 : If you are using non-Apple bluetooth devices, they could be interfering with the Wireless connection and causing lags. Try turning off all bluetooth devices that aren’t from Apple.

Step 10 : Check Network congurations

If your Wi-Fi router supports interface isolation or Wi-Fi isolation, make sure that these settings are turned off. These settings prevent wireless devices from communicating with each other. Refer to the documentation that came with your Wi-Fi router to access its settings and make sure your router has the latest firmware.

If you are behind a multi subnet or Layer 3 network, as is common on larger networks and schools, please ensure that multi-casting is enabled and Bonjour is discoverable across the network. In most cases Bonjour will not be accessible across the network, as it’s blocked by default, however here is a guide you can look over or send to your networking Administrator to look over regarding Bonjour across Layer 3 Networks and Multiple Subnets. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/aironet-1100-series-access-point/113443-cuwn-apple-bonjour-dg-00.html

Step 11: You can try uninstalling your current version of AirServer and reinstalling the latest build. AirServer for Windowshttp://www.airserver.com/download/latest/pc