Once you have designed your site and you are ready to go live, there are a few settings that need to be changed to make the site viewable to the public and a few settings that are recommended changes.

Making your site viewable to the public

  • Step 1: Settings -> Manage Site -> Sharing and Permissions -> Who has access -> Change

  • Step 2: Select one of the following and set to “Can View”

    • Public on the web - anyone can search the web, find and view the site

      • Why you might want to - if people (parents) search for your site and don’t use the link on the school website.

      • Why you might not - Anyone on the Internet can search for and view your site - not just students and/or parents.

    • Anyone with the link - People would either have to go to the school website to click on the link to get to your site or you would need to provide the link in an email, blog post, etc.

      • Why you might want to - If you want to cut down on unnecessary or unwanted site traffic.

      • Why you might not - viewers would not be able to “Google” your site.

Remember to check your site while logged out of your Google account to make sure everything works and is viewable as intended.

Recommended Settings
  • Invite a member of the Tech Team to be an “Owner” of your site. This makes it easier for tech support to help you with any design issues.

    • Settings -> Manage Site -> sharing and Permissions -> who has access -> Invite People -> enter the email address of one of the Tech Team members and change “Can Edit” to “Is owner”. There can be multiple site owners. You are not giving up ownership of your site. 

  • Consider adding a colleague as an editor or an owner.

  • Make your site work better on a mobile phone.

    • Settings -> Manage Site -> General -> Mobile - > Automatically adjust site to mobile phone -> check box.

  • Turn off commenting

    • Settings -> Manage Site -> General -> Commenting -> Allow page viewers to comment -> uncheck box.

    • Depending on the page template you are using, you may also need to make this change on each page of your site. Gear icon -> Page Settings -> Allow Attachments -> uncheck box AND Allow Comments -> uncheck box.

Remember to email the site link to tech support so they can post the link on the school website.