Even though the Chromebook has a camera, it has no recording software on the device, because of this, it would be very tricky to put a video on google drive.  We are going to use Youtube to solve both these issues.  Youtube has the software to record devices and users can store their videos in their youtube channel. 

Record your Video


  • Go to Youtube.com

  • Sign in if not already (Should be automatically signed in with your school google account if you're using a Chromebook)

  • Hit “Upload” in the top right




  • Press "Record" on the right side of the screen




Recording your Video 


  • Start Recording

  • Stop Recording

  • Upload






Preparing your Video


  • Name the video

  • Set Privacy Settings to “Private”

  • Add the email address for your teacher or whoever you want to share the video with

Click 'Share' and you're done!