Record your Video

  • Go to

  • Sign in if not already

  • Hit “Upload” in the top right

  • Press "Record" on the right side of the screen

Recording your Video 

  • Start Recording

  • Stop Recording

  • Upload

Preparing your Video


  • Name the video

  • Set Privacy Settings to “Unlisted”

  • Make a playlist for the assignment or add to an existing one

Copying the URL

Find the Video URL on the right side of the screen and copy it.  Don’t use the browser URL from this screen because it won’t work.

Inserting the Video into a Slide

  • Go to the slide you want to add the video to
  • Insert - > Video…
  • URL tab

  • Paste the video URL

  • Select

Returning to your videos


  • Dropdown menu next to logo

  • Select your playlist

Finding the URL for a Video

  • From your playlist, select the video

  • Click the pencil icon beneath the video on the left

  • FInd the Video URL on the right